North Pole Cancellation (North Pole Postmark)

Get your undated North pole Postmark image for your Christmas craft projects. Go to North Pole Postmark to download the free image. We are not affiliated with the U. S Postal Service. We simply offer Santa's North Pole Postmark to assist you with your crafting projects. Merry Christmas!

2017 North Pole Postmark

Here is your FREE North Pole Postmark for your Christmas crafts: Simply save it to your images file, print it and glue it to your envelope.

2017 North Pole Postmark
2017 North Pole Postmark
To get our free North Pole Postmark for your craft projects, simply cut, copy and paste the image found above to whatever program you generally do your printing from. Then print your postmark and glue it to the envelope that will contain your letter from Santa. If you have a print program that allows the printing of envelopes, then add the North Pole Postmark image to your image library.

Postmark it: 9-year-old with cancer wants cards for his last Christmas

Nov. 11, 2017 - Thanks for visiting our North Pole Postmark site. While you are working on your Christmas projects, how about helping fulfill the Christmas wish of Nine-year-old Jacob Thompson who has Stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, and doctors have informed his family in October he probably only had a month to live. So they’ll celebrate Christmas early this year. Please help Jacob and his family by mailing him a Christmas card. The address is:
Jacob Thompson
c/o Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102

If you would like to read the news article: 9-year-old with cancer wants cards for his last Christmas which you can find by pasting the following URL to your browser: Thanks for your Christmas spirit!